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Repair & Installation

LA-based Motorized Blinds Repair & Installation Experts

Motorized blinds or shades that aren’t working properly are a hassle, and the longer the trouble is ignored, the worse the problem will get! Let us help with that, or assist you in discovering gorgeous new window coverings for your home or business. It’ll all be taken care of in no time!

Reliable Blinds Repair Near You

Have you noticed that your automated window coverings seem to struggle to move correctly, make noise, or get stuck? These troubles or any other issues may only worsen to the point of them being inoperable over time, so it’s best to let experts take care of it! The team here at Motorized Blinds & Shades has years of experience with the field and use the highest quality tools and parts available to ensure that your motorized blinds or shades will be working perfectly again for years to come.

Troubleshooting Common Motorized Blinds Problems

Unfortunately, as useful and convenient as motorized blinds can be, there are some issues they can encounter over time, some less likely than others. While the actual repairs can be complex and will require a professional's touch, there are some troubleshooting that you can perform to determine the source of the problem.

  • The first thing to check, if you're using a remote to control your motorized blinds, is to check the batteries. Yes, you'd be surprised how often people forget about this seemingly trivial possibility.
  • If it's the wall switch that's not working, but you have a remote as well, make sure to try both options, to determine if it's only one of them or both that isn't working.
  • If you can hear scraping noises while the blinds are moving, and can visibly see some of the slats shaking or rattling, they may be damaged and need to be replaced.
  • Alternatively, damage to the headrail can also cause your vertical blinds to rattle, so that part should also be checked.
  • If you see that the slats of your motorized blinds aren't tilting the way they're supposed to, it could be that the unit's chain has been damaged. Naturally, don't attempt to mess with it yourself, as you could cause more damage accidentally, which will void your warranty.
  • If your motorized shades close only part way and then reverse, there may be a problem with their pressure/force sensors. These are designed into some systems to prevent them from closing when they encounter resistance. This will require further troubleshooting to solve. 
  • If the motor seems to be the one at fault, making unusual noises and refusing to run, then don't try to force the blinds open or closed manually. You can cause serious damage to the railing and other parts, making an already complicated problem even more complex and expensive. Be sure to always let professionals handle all your blind repair needs.

Professional Installation Services

If you’ve always wanted motorized blinds or shades but didn’t know where to start, our team is here to assist you! During the free consultation appointment, an expert will come to sit down with you at your home or office and help you discover the perfect style of window covering to complement the desired rooms. Whether you’re looking for something elegant and refined like Roman shades, or more simple and affordable aluminum blinds, leave it to us to help you find and then install the right treatments for your windows. Motorization will make operation a breeze by getting rid of those frustrating and annoying strings so you can operate them at the push of a button! They’re great for windows that are too high for regular manual window coverings, and their quiet motion means you won’t need to worry about waking anyone.

There’s No Need To Wait

Why struggle with blinds or shades that aren’t working like they’re supposed to any longer? Do away with problems and have professionals help you handle any issue that pops up. Los Angeles' own Motorized Blinds & Shades can repair your automatic window treatments, or help you to find beautiful new coverings to replace them. The shade installation process will be completed quickly and your new coverings will be a perfect match! Contact us today. You won’t regret it!


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